Assistant Professor in Political Behavior, King's College London

Department of Political Economy, KCL. 30 Aldwych (Bush House North East Wing). London WC2B 4BG. UK

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I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Economy of King's College London. I received a PhD in political science from UCLouvain in 2013, and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Research Chair in Electoral Studies of the Université de Montréal between 2012 and 2015. I've also held visiting positions in the Paris School of Economics and European University Institute.

My research lies at the intersection of political behavior and comparative politics, with a special focus on elections in established democracies. The overarching goal is to better understand people's experience of elections, and identify institutions and practices to improve it. I use a variety of methods and data in my research (surveys, cross-sectional time series, matching, discontinuity designs, QCA). Right now, I'm mostly interested in developing fully incentivized lab and online experiments to study the choice of electoral institutions, strategic voting, and voter satisfaction.  

I'm a political scientist by training but I frequently collaborate with economists trying to bridge the two disciplines. Political scientists would say that I'm a rational choice analyst, but economists would say that I'm a behavioralist.

At King's, I teach about elections, comparative politics, and quantitative methods. I'm also the convener of the ECPR Standing Group on Comparative Political Institutions.

Selected Working Papers

  1. Choosing an Electoral Rule (with André Blais, Maxime Coulombe, Jean-François Laslier, and Jean-Benoit Pilet).

  1. Electoral Rules, Strategic Entry and Polarization (with Konstantinos Matakos, Orestis Troumpounis, and Dimitrios Xefteris).

  1. You’ve Got a (Coarsened Exact) Match! Non-Parametric Imputation of European Abstainers’ Vote (with Marco Giani).