Survey Data

During my postdoc at the Research Chair in Electoral Studies at the University of Montreal, I participated in the data collection of the Making Electoral Democracy  Work Project. We conducted pre- and post-election panel surveys in 5 established democracies between 2010 and 2016 (Canada, France, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland). We also replicated the survey in Belgium during the 2014 national election.

The surveys cover a wide range of topics such as satisfaction with democratic and government performance, election importance, perceived corruption, value orientations, exposure to campaigns, electoral and non-electoral political participation, pre-election voting intentions, and reported vote choice. They notably provide the same kind of information for different levels of government, which allows for cross-level comparison and the study of cross-level interactions. In total, it spans over 32 national, subnational and supranational elections, and 40,000 respondents. The datasets are now in open access.

  1. (2017) Making Electoral Democracy Work (with Laura Stephenson, André Blais, and Filip Kostelka).

  2. [Link]

  1. (2017) MEDW 2014 Belgian National Election Study (with Stefanie Beyens, Kris Deschouwer, Jean-Benoit Pilet, Tom Verthé, André Blais, and Laura Stephenson).

  2. [Link]