Associate Professor of Political Behavior

King's College London


I'm an Associate Professor of Political Behavior in the Department of Political Economy of King's College London and Director of the Quantitative Political Economy Research Group. Prior to that, I studied and worked at the University of Montreal and University of Louvain. I've also held visiting posititions in the Paris School of Economics and European University Institute.

In my research,  I study people's experience of elections and democracy across countries. The underlying objective is to tease out the negative and positive aspects of representative democracy. Along the way, I’ve coordinated a dozen of surveys and experiments, mostly in Belgium, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom.  In 2020, I also directed the European Political Institutions Survey, an inter-university project and a large-scale survey covering 15 Western European countries. I’ve been financially supported by the British Academy, the Belgian Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique, and the Montreal Centre for Democratic Citizenship.

I'm a political scientist by training but I frequently collaborate with economists trying to bridge the two disciplines. Political scientists would say that I'm a rational choice analyst, but economists would say that I'm behaviorist.

Curriculum Vitae